Private Yacht Charter

A yacht charter with Nooranma Yacht Charters will be an unforgettable sailing experience. Enjoy and witness the endless beauty of the sea world, pristine white beaches, glistening sapphire waters, brilliantly colored marine life, national parks, quiet bays and the vibrant nightlife. Our accessibility to the best charter Yacht in exotic Atoll in Maldives allows you the freedom of choice in some of the most remarkable locations in Maldives. 

If your love for adventure is in nature and marine life, then this is where you belong. These part of the globe are well known and abundant with amazingly overwhelming underwater life and ecology. The unspoiled Indian Ocean currents and the tropical all year climate makes this possible for all you nature lovers.

We Promise Our Clients the best charter for the best value and deliver excellent customer service. We Provide expert advice on selecting yachts to meet our client’s requirement. We will also find you an excellent yacht and charter location to suit your tastes through our contacts.

We arrange and recommend expeditions from an array of available activities to suit you! From fishing, snorkeling, windsurfing, surfing, kayaking, jet skiing, the list is endless. We can also arrange nature based charters, where you can witness in awe whales, dolphins, rays, coral fish and sharks. Explore and experience the local culture and local Fruit and vegitable market when you are ashore.

If you want to dine out, we can organize the best dining experience ashore, recommending only the best restaurants. Or if you would prefer to be aboard you can enjoy exquisite cuisine with your own professional chef.