Nooranma Recruiting  helps you to recruit trained and qualified Maldivian crew to your Vessels, from Certified captains to deck hands. Nooranma Recruiting Agency in the Maldives will screen and ensure that each and every candidate we select for interview is trained to the best of industry standards.

We have experience handling expatriates for major projects whether providing a huge labor force for a construction project or a qualified chartered accountant for your local office. We provide a wide variety of CV's for interview.

If you have problems of getting:-


  • Quotas for your newly establish business in Maldives
  • An Employment Approval to work in the Maldives
  • Work permit to legally live and earn in the Maldives
  • Tourist Visa Extension during your Holiday
  • Business Visa for Business Meetings
  • Dependant Visa to have your Loved ones near you   or any other immigration issues Give Nooranma Visa Agency service a call, Since we can help you in these matters.