Yacht Management

Nooranma Travel Maldives Yacht Management service offers operational support services for small to medium size yachts. We aim to provide services with a view to ensure your yacht is maintained, administered and operated in line with the highest standards, whilst conforming to international conventions and insurances. Through charter activities, Nooranma Travels may also be able to assist with offsetting part of the annual operational cost of the vessel.


Vessel Administration And Accounting 

Nooranma Travel Maldives provides financial management services for your yacht. A separate bank account is dedicated to each vessel ensuring ease of tracking running expenses. Expenditure is managed and prudently organized, drawing from an annual budget. Detailed, transparent quarterly and annual reports will be made available for clients for their auditing purposes. 


Operational Support & Technical Management 

We at Nooranma Travels Maldives are accessible to reliable vendors and contractors. We will select and work closely with them and the boatyards, ensure periodic maintenance services of the yacht are carried out and coordinated with the crew, to improve efficiency of your vessel. Schedule and program will be aligned with the budget and with agreement of the owner. Vessel Formalities And Insurance

Nooranma Travels Maldives will make sure that our client’s yacht is in compliance with all mandatory security and legal regulations. 


Crew Management

We will assist with crew placement, reference checking and employment verification, crew contracts, payroll, withholding taxes (when applicable), health insurance and crew mail forwarding.



Thinking of owning your own yacht? Let Nooranma Travel Maldives and its team of experienced professionals assist you through the initial stages, making the journey towards owning a yacht hassle free. We will help you with company formation to flagging, insurance, crew employment, classification, birthing sources, finance, operations support...etc. 


Contact us for more information to manage your yacht in Maldives.